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" Mark and I have been very impressed with the all round service we received from Boyle Builders when we extended our bungalow last year.

We wanted a company who would provide the "Whole Package" from drawing up the plans to mounting our television to the wall!! And in providing this service they made the whole process a lot easier for us.

Joe and Fiona were also very patient and understanding when we added a "few extras" to the initial job, and thus giving us a finished job that we are more than happy with."

Mr & Mrs Dickson
" Boyle builders have just completed a house for my husband and I. We can not recommend them highly enough. We originally contacted Boyle Builders just before the credit crash and they were very understanding when we were unable to continue with our plans within our original time frame. As a company I had absolute faith in their professionalism and integrity , so much so that we were happy to leave Joe and Fiona to build our house in our absence as we both live in the Far East. We are very confident in recommending Boyle Builders to anyone wishing to have a stress free house build. Not only will they build your house to a very high spec they will also become your friends going that extra mile for you "

Ms K Wilson
" As far as we are concerned this was an excellent project. The quality of the work was first class, the work force were professional and considerate, time scales were met and there were no nasty additional costs at the end. I dont hink we could have asked for a better result. "

Mr & Mrs Pine